SGD Adjudication

This month has been a busy one in the Reynolds studio.  The completion of my first major project enabled me to start the process of becoming a full member of the Society of Garden Designers, which is the garden design industry professional body.  To become a full member, three projects have to be submitted to an adjudication panel to show the work produced is of a suitable professional standard.  Garden Design is one of those professions where there is no legal requirement to hold certain qualifications.  Unlike architects, lawyers, landscape architects etc anybody can call themselves a Garden designer and go out and start trading.  But as garden design projects become increasingly complex and budgets increasingly large, it is important for clients to be able to determine the quality of work to which designers adhere.  Membership of the SGD signifies to all that the designer is working to the highest professional standard and also holds the relevant professional indemnity insurance.

I am more than pleased to say my first project Dulwich College Memorial Garden, passed Adjudication and I can now say -I am a Partially Registered Member of the SGD. Hopefully I will be able to submit the next couple of projects soon to enable me to become a full member.